Wondering, why your Garage Door is so noisy?

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Well, a loud garage door is actually very irritating. and disturbing. But its time to give a little attention to your garage door maintenance. If your Garage door is making any type of noise like SQUEAKING, GRINDING, RATTLING, or POPPING NOISES then definitely you should consult your nearby best Garage Door service providers.

Here are some tips you can use :

  1. SQUEAKING: If your Garage Door is making Squeaking sound chances you can silent them by greasing the rollers and tracks. Lubricate all the strips placed under the bottom of the door, around the frame and between the panels.
  2. GRINDING: If your rollers even after lubrication making grinding sounds than you need to replace them by Professionals, the rollers are likely worn. Worn out if hinges on the garage door may also be the reason of grinding sounds. and you can try to silence them by applying grease on it. If this wouldn’t work can call a Professional.
  3. RATTLING: Grage door is Mad up of dozens of nuts, bolts, and screws, and vibration in the garage door is the reason it becomes loose and causes ratling. Although you can tighten them easily with a socket kit, it is advisable to call a professional as they are under high tension, and chances are your door can crash down.
  4. POPPING NOISES: Popping sounds come when your torsion spring is in bad condition. it is best to leave the task of maintenance on Professionals as adjusting it yourself is very dangerous.

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