Types of Garage Door Springs

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Garage Door Spring is a very tiny but essential part of a GARAGE DOOR. Garage Door Spring makes it easier to open and close.

If Garage Door Isn’t Working properly the only reason could be Broken Garage Door Springs.

And if you are planning to replace the broken spring with a new one you must be interested in knowing the types of garage door springs available in the market.

So, mainly their are 2 types of garage door springs:

  1. Extension Springs
  2. Torsion Springs
  1. EXTENSION SPRINGS: The extension spring can store a lot of energy in them by stretching and extending more. When the garage door is closed, there is more and more weight that comes off into the horizontal track. This further divided into 3 parts: Open Looped, Double Looped, and Clip Ends.
  2. TORSION SPRINGS: In this weight, the size and strength of a door determine the springs needed in the door. They are installed above the door and can be divided further 2 parts: Standard Torsion Spring ( found in residential doors) and Torque Master Torsion Spring (  safest garage door spring ).

The spring is liable for carrying the whole weight of the garage door, in order that they could also be broken or got to get replaced if your garage door keeps going astray. So, you’ve got to be very careful about the sort of spring you’re choosing for the garage door.

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