Is it Safe to Repair Garage Door yourself?

repair garage door

Yes, you can !! But WAIT !! you don’t mention what is wrong?

A broken garage door is VERY VERY DANGEROUS. they are very heavy and could kill or seriously maim you. Especially if you have one of those heavy one-piece wooden doors.

It depends on what is wrong.

how to get garage door repaired
how to get garage door repaired

Most garage door repairs are done by Companies and the Best is Alba Garage Doors. So, if your garage door can be repaired it can likely be repaired at home but by a company having experts.

Among the varieties of garage doors there are following varieties:

  • Sliding doors, much like barn doors, with two panels each supported by rollers that ran on a track at the top.
  • Accordion-type folding doors, supported on a metal rail at the top so that both sides of a 2-car garage could be open at once.
  • A single panel door on a 1-car garage, supported on each side by a triangular metal frame, that opened by pivoting on the apex of the triangle secured against each side wall, balanced and assisted by springs.
  • A door with four horizontal panels each supported by wheels that ran in a track attached to the door frame and ceiling on each side, balanced and assisted by springs.

Each could “break” in different way, so of course the types of repair varied. Even before the resources of the internet, most could be repaired by a handyman or skilled homeowner.

Rule 1 applies: Any job is ‘safe’ for you to do if you know the proper way to do it and also possess the required tools and equipment, not to mention the common sense to stop what you’re doing if “something doesn’t seem right.”

No one on here can make those evaluations for you. Your safety is your responsibility.

So Contact Alba Garage Doors Now if you got any Garage Door Broken!


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