How to measure Garage Door Torsion Springs?

how to measure garage door torsion springs

The automatic parts that activate a Garage Door are among the most utilized pieces of equipment in a typical household. The overhead torsion spring set is the part of a garage door system that allows the door to move up, down and remain suspended at certain heights. On each activation, the coils are pulled out and wound back up. Whereas torsion springs are made to endure such activity, over time the effects of the constant movement can take their toll on the spring wire. Ultimately, the springs need to be adjusted or even changed out entirely.

It is very important to know the direction in which a spring is wound before you contact a garage door torsion spring manufacturer. Therefore you will know whether you need to replace a left-wound spring, a right-wound spring or both.

First of all, you’ll need to gather before ordering garage door torsion springs. Or, you can CALL an Expert from a Garage Door Company as ALBA GARAGE DOORS have a team of experts always ready to help you 24×7.


Mostly, the order of the springs from left to right should tell you everything you need to know. The inside of your garage has two springs along opposite sides of a bar that hangs above the garage door. In most of the residential doors, the two springs are divided by a motionless cone. Though this might seem puzzling at the beginning, the left-wound spring is located to the right of the cone, while the right-wound spring is located to the left. The exemption to this rule is when you’re dealing with a garage door that uses a reverse torsion system.

If you are replacing a broken torsion spring, you will need to know the overall length of the spring, typically not including the cone ends. You will also need to know the inside diameter of the spring, the diameter of the “wire” (spring itself) and if it is a right hand or left-hand wind.

If your door only has one spring and it is broken, another option is to weigh the door. There is a website that can provide the recommended spring for your door. FYI, if you have an automatic garage door opener, you should stop using it! It can damage your opener.

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