How to convert a garage into a living space?

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Insulate the Walls
Most garage walls and ceilings aren’t insulated. Drywall, if already installed, must be removed and insulation should be installed. Use conventional fiberglass roll insulation, Rockwool, or spray foam insulation for the walls. Use fiberglass batts for the ceiling.

Raise the ground Height
Garages tend to be built less than the house. While not necessary, you’re home benefits if you match flooring heights by adding sleepers to elevate the ground covering above the concrete garage floor.

Install floor cover
Even if you are doing add sleepers to boost the ground, you continue to will need a floor cover. Laminate flooring, engineered wood, tile, and luxury vinyl plank flooring are popular choices for garage conversions.

Install New Drywall or Finish Existing Drywall
Garages are usually installed with non-finish-quality walls. If the walls are insulated, you’ll keep the prevailing drywall but bring the land up to higher standards.

Replace or Insulate the Garage Door
Should you leave the garage door in situ or replace it with a wall? If you retain it, you ought to insulate the door. this is often one major question you’ll got to address before converting the garage into a lebensraum .

Hide Unsightly Areas
Non-load-bearing walls should be added around areas you are doing not wish to ascertain, like the hot-water heater, furnace, laundry area, or storage.

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